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Baby Asian Box Turtle


Cuora amboinensis

Asian Box Turtles are native to Southeastern Asian countries and require high humidity which can be maintained by frequent misting and the growth of plants and sphagnum moss in terrestrial environments. They are considered to have friendly personalities and are pretty personable. They generally aren’t skittish and won’t hide from you.

They have omnivorous diets and enjoy a more aquatic habitat then their North American counterparts. They also tend to have rather distinct eye stripes as well as stripes along their necks that you could call racing stripes. It’s really important that these guys have a nice, warm habitat to optimize their health and be the happiest turtles they can be!



Item: #563
Baby Asian Box

Item: #564
2 Baby Asian Box$529.95

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Adult Asian Box Turtle

Cuora amboinensis

Asian Box Turtles are similar to their North American counterparts, but it’s important to keep in mind that they love warmer, humid habitats that can be created by spraying some water and keeping healthy plant life. As far as their diets go, the Asian Box Turtle is considered omnivorous and it will be up to you to figure the healthy foods your turtle enjoys.

These are very handsome turtles that have noticeable stripes near their eyes and along their necks, usually yellow in color that set them apart from other box turtles. Asian Box Turtles are very friendly turtles and aren’t known for hiding habits or being terribly shy. Also, since they enjoy warm climates so much, the Asian Box Turtle is known to stay active without hibernating, so you can enjoy them all year long!



Item: #565
Adult Asian Box

Item: #566
2 Adult Asian Box$249.95