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Land Tortoises


Land Tortoises Care Sheet

 Here are some helpful tips to help keep your Land Tortoise happy and healthy.


Feeding  Tortoises should be feed a high fiber diet of mixed fresh vegetables, canned foods like Zoo Menu Land Tortoise canned food and pellet food like Zoo Meds Box Turtle & Tortoise Food, both of which can be purchased under Box Turtle & Tortoise Products. Variety is the key to a healthy appetite and good health. Most tortoises are grazers and should be feed grasses, clovers, yams, carrots, natural weeds and flowers. They can be given small quantities of dark leafy greens like Romaine Lettuce, Dandelion Greens Collard Greens, Turnip Greens, Mustard Greens and Chicory. Fruits should only be given as a treat. Be sure to watch for pesticides and dont use insecticides in your yard. Also watch for bird droppings, they carry diseases and can make your tortoise sick. Your tortoise should also be given a calcium supplement like Rep-Cal or  Jurassi Cal daily. Vitamin/mineral supplements like JurassiVite should also be given for proper health. All of these products can be found under Box Turtle & Tortoise Products.

For our full line of  Land Tortoise products please visit use at www.turtlesale.com.


Housing  Your tortoise should have a large out door enclosure with a sunny area and a cool shaded area.  You should have tamper-proof cover over the enclosure to protect them from predators. They also should have a shelter some people use dog houses for this. The shelter should be heated.  For heating you can use Bask  Heat Ceramic Infrared Heat Emitter bulbs in ceramic dome lights hung high so the tortoises cant reach them.  These can be found in our Heating and Light Fixtures areas. It is important for tortoises to have fresh water in a shallow dish large enough for them to soak in.

For indoor enclosures you also need a warm basking area and a cool area. To heat your tank or enclosure you can use the Bask  Heat Ceramic Infrared Heat Emitter bulbs in ceramic dome lights or a under tank heater like the Four Paws Under Tank Heaters. Both can be found in our Heating section. A clamp-on 60 or 75 Watt incandescent light fixture with a reflector can also be used to provide a basking area that is warmer than the rest of the enclosure.  Most Land Tortoises like to dig so absorbent flooring material such as ECO Earth Bedding, (located under Plants and Decorations) should be provided and changed regularly. Substrates that dry out or get powdery should be avoided. Cedar and pine chips can be poisonous and should not be used.  

Lighting If you are not able to provide an out side enclosure then you need UVA and UVB lighting.  We carry one of the best brand bulbs for this, the ReptiSun 5.0.  We carry it in both the compact fluorescents and in the florescent strip bulbs. We also carry the Slim Line Reptile fixtures for the strip bulbs. You can find these in our Lighting and Lighting fixtures sections. 

For our full line of  Land Tortoise products please visit use at www.turtlesale.com.

For more information on your new Land Tortoise we have several books in our Book department.  If you have questions you can check our Message Board, email us at turtleman@tampabay.rr.com or call Norm at 1-727-943-2786.

As with any pet you should always wash your hands after handling them or cleaning their home.  We recommend  using Zoo Meds hand cleaner  which can be found under Medications.  We know that you love your pet, but for your safety please dont kiss your tortoise.

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