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Water Turtles


Water Turtles Care Sheet

Helpful tips to keep your new turtle happy and healthy

Feeding  Most turtles must be fed directly in the water; otherwise they cannot swallow. You should feed your turtle a vitamin enriched pellet food like our Bulk Food, Nature Zone Aquatic Turtle Bites, HBH Turtle Bites or Pro Balance Turtle Food, all of which can be purchased in our Food and Treat area. Variety is the key to a healthy appetite and good health, along with the pellets you should offer some fruit and vegetables like romaine lettuce, duckweed, strawberries, bananas, and kelp to mention a few. Turtles also enjoy live foods once in a while like small crickets, snails and feeder fish. Small turtles should be fed every day and larger ones at least three times a week. Always remove excess food when the turtle shows no further interest in it. Some turtle keepers prefer to feed their pets in a separate container for easier tank cleaning, but some turtles will not feed when removed for their tank for feeding.

For our full line of turtle products please visit us at http://www.turtlesale.com

To show your turtle how special he is to you feed him some treats like Zoo Meds Turtle Treat, Freeze dried crickets, bloodworms and earthworms or Can-O-Crickets and Can-O-Snails. We carry all of these in our Food and Treat section.

Calcium and liquid or powdered vitamins should be added to their food to supplement their diet. like Rep-Cal, Jurassi Cal, JurassiVite and Nature Zones Turtle Vita Vega-Min.  All of these fine products can be found in our Supplement and Medication sections.

Not Eating If your turtle is not eating dont worry about it. Often turtles will not eat when you first get them. Give them time to get use to you and their new home and they should start eating.  Turtles go through stages when they dont eat, just cut back on the amount of food you offer them until they start to eat again. You can also offer them live foods like small crickets, earthworms or snails.  If  it has been over a week and you dont suspect illness we carry appetite enhancers in our Supplement section.

For our full line of turtle products please visit us at http://www.turtlesale.com


Housing  Since turtles grow fast you should get the largest tank you can afford up front.  Turtlesales.com carries the All Glass Turtle Tanks which are great starter tanks.  Water depth depends on the type of turtle you have.  Red Eared Sliders and Painted turtles like to swim, so they should have deeper water. Musks and Snapping Turtles are bottom walkers and their water should be shallow so they can easily reach the surface to breath. One guideline is to make the water depth two times the length of the turtles shell.  For example a four inch RES should have eight inches of water. As with fish it is a good idea to use a water conditioner like JurassiSafe or Zoo Meds ReptiSafe to remove the chlorine and other chemicals from the water. Also to help keep the water cleaner between cleanings try Biotize Waste Degrader.  All of these fine products can be found under Water Treatment.   Young turtles are often shy and should have hiding places.  We carry a variety of caves and plants that make great hiding places under Cliffs & Caves and Plants & Decorations.

For our full line of turtle products please visit us at http://www.turtlesale.com


Lighting  For proper vitamin and calcium absorption and shell development  UVA and UVB lighting is required. Zoo Meds ReptiSun is a highly recommended bulb for this and we carry it under Lamps.  A clamp-on 60 or 75 Watt incandescent light fixture with a reflector is necessary to provide a basking area that is warmer than the water. Ideal basking area temperature is 85 - 90 F. We carry a variety of  bulbs and reflectors under Lamps and Lighting Fixtures.

For our full line of turtle products please visit us at http://www.turtlesale.com


Basking Area  Turtles must have a dry area to bask on to prevent soft shell and fungus problems.  Here at turtlesales.com we carry Floating Islands and Zoo Meds Floating Turtle Docks and 2 Level Ramps under Basking Platforms. As stated above a basking area should have a clamp light with a 60 to 75 Watt basking bulb.

For our full line of turtle products please visit us at http://www.turtlesale.com


Heating Turtles are ectothermic (cold blooded) and depend on their environment to regulate their body temperature. Most water turtles do well with water temps in the mid 70s.  To heat the water you can use a submersible heaters or under tank heaters like Four Paws Under Tank heaters.  You should have a thermometer like Zoo Meds High Range Thermometer or Toms Aquarium Temp Alert to make sure the water doesnt get to warm or to cold. Check our Heaters and Heating Accessories sections for our full line of heating products.

For our full line of turtle products please visit us at http://www.turtlesale.com


Filtration Clean water is important for the health of your turtle. You should try to get a filter that is made for a larger tank then you have. For example if you have a 20 gallon tank, you should try to get a filter for a 40 gallon tank. The bigger the better. Turtles are very messy and need a strong filtration system. We have the Cascade 700 Canister Filter here at turtlesales.com which is a very good filter for a large tank and we also carry Fluval underwater filters and several smaller Cascade models in our Filters and Refills section. For more information on your new turtle we have several  Turtle books in our Book department.  If you have questions you can check our Message Board, email us at turtleman@tampabay.rr.com or call Norm at 1-727-943-2786.

For our full line of turtle products please visit us at http://www.turtlesale.com

As with any pet you should always wash your hands after handling them or cleaning their home.  We recommend  using Zoo Meds hand cleaner  which can be found under Medications.  We know that you love your pet, but for your safety please dont kiss your turtle.


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